Ahh video. It’s great isn’t it?  From films to educational, videos have shaped the way we experience, learn and enjoy life.  I’ve been shooting & editing video for the better part of a decade. Most recently, I captured a 7 day live event coverage for Accelerated Evolution Academy, and an interview for The Abundance Code movie.

I’ve like to give honor to one of my greatest mentors, who has shown me the way to inner freedom as well as keys to worldly success, Satyen Raja. Starting attending many of his training’s beginning at 16 – the last 10 years have been following the practices and principles learned, and has resulted in my life becoming more balanced, happy and doing exactly what I love. I began working with the company 6 years ago, and have had the gracious opportunity to learn a plethora of different skills, and apply them directly into business settings. I highly recommend Satyen & WarriorSage trainings. As Mentor, brother & a friend – Satyen is one of a trillion.
Now I’m currently contracted full time with WarriorSage as a Creative Director & Head of Technology.

It’s pretty badass, Check it out at at:

Accelerated Evolution Academy

The majority of my primary work is with Accelerated Evolution Academy of WarriorSage, from producing videos to web development to marketing management.  Most recently shooting and editing the next volume of training videos. This is by far one of the most intriguing & rewarding companies to be a part of.
I highly recommend the methods as they have helped me personally. Learn more at

BoomerBody Fitness

BoomerBody is the online health, fitness and lifestyle center for boomers, by boomers.. Working with Maarten Van Nus , founder of Boomerbody, we’ve produced over 30 videos within different programs, that help live with less pain, more mobility and more energy.

The Healing Game

The Healing Game is a book written by Annabel Fisher, using EFT to help heal chronic illness.  When she wanted to launch her book, she contracted me to shoot  and produce a couple of promotional videos, and trainings for people who bought the book.  The response was phenomenal. 

Black Trident TV

Working with author EJ Spurrell we created the first episodes of BTTV.  Content created by EJ Spurrell.  I shot and produced the trailer and episode 1.  It was a lot of fun.

Silhouettes of Shadows

A solo metal project I started in 2005 and still continue to produce a few tracks for it here and there.  This is the first and only music video for any of the songs. I wrote and performed all the music for this song, and produced the video.

Just for fun

Interlocking T Logo in Stop Motion

My first stop motion project, I decided to animate the interlocking T logo.

The Flower & The Bee

Short video of a bee feeding from wildflower in my backyard. I set an easier track I produced, TTT35, which has a sound eerily similar to a bee.

Non-Official Fanta Commercial