FaceBook™ Ads, Digital & Print Advertising.  From creating high converting ad creative and copy to designing optimized landing & sales pages that perform.

I provide ongoing consulting for marketing campaigns. Facebook is what I have the most experience with.  I provide detailed analysis of the data, which we will use to optimize the ads.

After reviewing the ads creative, I can find where the breakdown is happening and create new assets as needed to increase conversions and customers.

‣ Ad Creative & Design Assistance

‣ Ad copy optimization

‣ Funnel Strategies

‣ Landing page optimization

‣ Advanced Targeting Procedure

‣ Facebook Custom Audience Pixel Installation

‣ Google Analytics Set up and Installation

‣ Guidance on many technology tools and/or protocols

‣ Retargeting Strategy & Implementation

‣ Worksheet for creating a laser focused Target Avatar

Using an array of legitimate and ‘above board’ companies I subscribe to, I can supply comprehensive data from top competitors in most fields, such as their top performing ads and top traffic sources.  This means all our decisions are based in facts of whats working right now.