Multimedia for unique personalities & businesses.

Multimedia for unique individuals.

creative works of tim thompson.

I make art, designs, videos and music.


Specifically websites, product artwork and logos.  Everything from sleek and elegant, to raw and aggressive.


Solutions for corporate themes, soundtracks, scoring, video games, identity logos  and other audio requests.


Launch trailers, live event coverage, interviews, training videos and marketing video sequences.

Be bold, iconic & elegant.

Capture your character and values. Build affinity faster.

When you have artwork & branding that captures your character and values, it solidifies your brand and relevancy.  It can influence your fans and customers subconscious. When you establish an accurate portrayal of yourself, evangelical fans follow.

Some of my designs & projects include:


I’ve like to give acknowledgment to one of my greatest mentors, who has shown me the way to inner freedom and outer fulfillment, Satyen Raja.

Starting with listening to his audios at 15 and attending his Illumination Intentsive at 16 – the last 10 years have been following the practices and principles learned, and has resulted in my life becoming more balanced, happy and doing exactly what I love. I began working with the company 6 years ago, and have had the gracious opportunity to learn a plethora of different skills, and apply them directly into business settings. I highly recommend Satyen & WarriorSage trainings. As Mentor, brother & a friend – Satyen is one of a trillion.
Now I’m currently working full time with WarriorSage as a Creative Director & Head of Technology.

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